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Hi, my name is Ian. I am looking to provide and share good conversation, and most importantly, a fun time together as I feel that making people smile is the best gift you can give someone, therefore, becoming a male escort.

I look to make sure I build up a relationship of up most discretion with my clients!! hence why you won’t see me in any newspapers or documentaries 🙂

I am originally from Chester in Cheshire, I have residencies in Chester and Manchester. I have just turned 33 years of age. I grew up in a middle class family and was privileged enough to have be provide an independent education where I had to wear bow ties, blazers, garters and even a cap, which was really quite amusing… (And no I do not still have the uniform) 😉 I progressed well in school, college and university, where I finally graduated with a degree in business.

I started my working life in sales, working for a variety of companies, including a cosmetic treatment company. I managed to work my way up to become their top sales advisor after only a few months within the company, conducting seminars and face-to-face advice to potential customers around the country.

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In my previous years I was quite a high level young sportsman, but injuries encouraged me to use my thinking power more, learn about the world and become more rounded. Do not be confused though – I still like to keep in good shape, as you can see.

I then trained as a financial advisor and worked in financial sales for large financial institutions around the UK.

Once I had managed to save myself enough money, I moved away from the intense pressure of financial sales and ventured into the world of property development, which was a successful venture until the dreaded credit crunch in 2008!!! I was determined not to work again in a high-pressured environment, so with the money I had accrued, I decided to re-train as an IT consultant and focused my attention on specialising in search engine optimisation (promoting websites to the top of web browsers natural search results).

I eventually set up three successful websites in the adult toy industry, but as competition grew and the work became a much more intense and pressurised,  I decided to sell these companies to my wholesalers at a fair profit.

home page 6This then led me to becoming a straight male escort, a career change that I love, giving me the ability to travel, meet new people from varying areas and cultures, as to broaden my mind. My friends and family had always joked that a male escort is something I would be good at, due to my life experience and my ability to mix with people and make new friends easily.

Whilst I have been working as a straight male escort, I realised that there was a gap in the market for an elite male escort agency. So I decided to develop this idea further so that I could help men who I thought would have good potential to become male escorts, and give you ladies a fine selection of chaps to spend your time with, so that is something for you to watch out for in the future (July/August 2015).

Anyhow I have always been passionate about comedy and entertaining, so have a ready dry wit and a cheeky side when the occasion allows.

I am very laid back and easy going and I can guarantee no awkwardness. I’m interested in meeting new people, which is my main reason for entering into this new environment.

My main goal whatever I’m doing is to have fun and share that fun with a woman. I can play any role you wish me to play within reason 😉 I can be a good listener and offer advice and more services . I also have the necessaries for all kinds of functions including: event male escorting, wedding male escorting and conferences etc..

Obviously the majority of the male population loves the company of a woman. So if you just want to go out, or stay in and let your hair down and feel at ease with a new male in your life, please continue to read.

Please take time to read my reviews, view my Gallery and contact me if you have any questions or concerns whatsoever. I am interested in getting to know you and I like to make sure that I can give you a great experience with a man you feel comfortable and happy with, before you outlay any cash. So please don’t be shy and be rest assured that this 99% of the time this is the first time you may contact a male companion but you are not the only one.

My rates are negotiable subject to a two hour minimum booking you can find all details about my rates by clicking HERE again depending on how long you require and the circumstances I am totally open to your suggestion.

Well thank you for taking the time to look through my profile and again feel free just to call. I understand how nerve racking it can sometimes be, but I will put you at ease straight away. If not, just drop me an email at: 🙂


P.S. I must point out due to the number of Gay/Bisexual enquiries, I am a STRAIGHT male escort. I also do not work with COUPLES in any capacity! So please don’t waste each of our times in contacting me if this is what you are looking for.   If you want a gay male escort please visit

If I am not the male escort you are looking for, please visit the London male escorts on the launch of my new elite Manchester male escorts agency, I have personally been selecting the cream of the Male Escort crop, you will have a plethora of male escorts for you to choose from. 

Warmest regards Ian, I do hope to hear from you soon with any questions you may have 🙂 please DO NOT BE SHY or EMBARRASSED I am not that SCARY 🙂


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 ‘Withheld numbers’ if you wish to hide your number then instead please email me as your  withheld calls won’t be  answered.

Thank you once again for taking time to read my profile, any extra question you would like to ask don’t hesitate to email me at or call me on: 07526 721 956

Opportunity To Become a Male Escort

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