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If you are planning on becoming a professional male escort Straight or Gay I have created The Male Escort Agency, our Male Escort Agency Is like no others! Over the last three years I have gained the knowledge to be able to access, advice and direct prospective independent straight or gay Male escorts.

I offer you a personal evaluation of what you need to become a successful male escort, help in designing and wording your own personal profile. I have three years experience in full time escorting so I will give you my honest review of whether it is something that will work for you! If all goes well I will be prepared to add your profile to our elite male escort agency and also include you in the top escort agencies in the country! Please read on to see what it is that makes The Male Escort Agency is totally unique..

Contrary to ever male escort agency, becoming a male escort is not for everyone and to save you time and expense trying and testing different agencies to find out whether it is for you, I offer a service where I will provide you fully experienced advice on whether it is a career path you should consider.

My name is Ian and I have been a full-time Straight male escort since 2012, it took me some time to get up and running and making good money, I now feel I can speed up this process as you can learn from the mistakes I made and start making money as quickly as possible. Due to the recent media interest in the rise in demand for male escorts by women and males from all walks of life I have found myself inundated by men contacting me to find out how to become successful male escorts. So I decided to setup A service to evaluate and advise on all the things to watch out for and the way forward for maximum profits creating a career that can be both highly lucrative and very enjoyable.

Due to the amount of interest in this service I Have designed this elite male escort agency within a bespoke designed website, the difference between this agency and the escort agencies you may or may not already have experienced, is that I have been A full time male escort and although I cannot guarantee you bookings I can provide you with the most effective ways to promote yourself to make sure you have the best success rate you possibly can achieve.

Initially: You will be required to fill in the online application form at The application form is  mainly   assessed on your description which I request you make as detailed as possible, I want to be able to gage whether you will have the skill sets to make this a profitable investment for you. Once your application has been submitted and accessed I shall contact you via email to inform you if you have or have not been successful, I will not approve an application if I feel I can not help you be successful in this industry.

If your Application is Unsuccessful: I will explain why I feel you were not suitable at this present time this information could help you if you choose to re-aply in the future, there will have been no cost to you and you will be provided with only constructive criticism.

If your Application is successful: You will be required to pay a £20 monthly subscription, this covers all my initial work and also includes your monthly subscription to both and I will also provide you with my personal contact details and will be working closely with you on the following:

  • Evaluating your photos, how they can be improved, what to show and what not to show.
  • Editing your personal description to make it as productive as possible.
  • I will help you write a description in order to sell yourself to gain as much client contact as possible. The more information you can provide me with when writing about yourself on the application form the more I have to play with so remember to tell me everything about yourself and your history in a positive way.
  • I will provide you honest advice on what you should charge for your services after accessing your profile.
  • After we have your description ready and we have agreed on your best images I will add your profile to my agency I also have arrangements in place with where I will also add your profile this is all included in your initial setup cost for the first 3 months.
  • I will then give you full information on what to expect from your bookings and will be here to help with any questions you have i.e How to approach your first assignment, What to wear and how to act on different assignments. I will advise you on how to create extra free advertising through free directories.
  • I will explain the art of creating rapport with your clients so you gain repeat bookings. With my experience and inside knowledge of what the majority of your clients will be like, how to filter out time wasters etc.
  •  I will also show you how to organise your self to be most productive.
  • Advice on how to benefit from social media promotion and help setting up these accounts.
  • For an additional marketing strategy I have found the use of cleverly designed loyalty cards as well as “Suggest to a Friend card” which have proved very successful in generating new business and repeat business, as I do design create these high quality cards please ask for further info.
  • You keep 100% of your earnings I just offer you the advice and the shop fronts to advertise your own business, clients will contact you directly.

So what is the cost? If  I am Successful??
As you can see from above my experience and the majority of my time and effort goes in to helping you set up the ideal profile for yourself and promoting your independent business through My own website and others. therefore a £20 monthly  subscription to and also included is my continuing advice and support.

If you feel this service would be of benefit for you, The Agency is open for applications from all UK areas please visit us at I am happy to say I am accessing applications from men wanting to become male escorts straight or gay I look forward to hearing from you


                                                 Thanks for your interest.

                                                                                                                              Best of luck


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