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Boyfriend ExperienceWelcome to The Boyfriend experience

Hi ladies if you require a full boyfriend experience let me know how many hours you would like to book me and explain exactly what your boyfriend experience you would like then let me see to the rest.

Once we have discussed your preferences I can give you an idea of the cost involved to meet your requirements, I will organise a full boyfriend experience including meeting you at a location of your choice, then taking you out or just staying in whatever is ideal for you.

I am able to advise us on a the finest selection of bars for pre evening drinks, a lovely restaurant for us to eat the finest cuisine, then a special surprise e.g. maybe a walk down a promenade, a history walk of the area you choose like I say you give me your preferences and I will make it a truly special experience.

If you would like to visit a place you have not been before I can  research the town or city you like so I can surprise you with some unknown knowledge, all this is included in my Hourly prices and night rates plus your budget for the boyfriend experience events which we will have to discuss before hand.

Travel expenses will still have to be paid for in advance as for my security that I wont be let down, am sorry to say I am a very trusting person but having been let down in the past I must insist.

If you also would like an over night stay please include in your budget and I will research the best hotel for our night together where I will also be the dominant or submissive boyfriend you want me to be 😉

All you require is to provide me your travel expenses upfront whether that’s buying me my train or flight tickets before hand, you will need to advise me on your budget beforehand and provide me my fee and your budget when we meet.

I will do all research and get you the best for your budget before you outlay any cash you will not be disappointed as I will do this on trust alone 🙂

I will need to talk to you before hand so please Contact Me to discuss all your options but I prefer you to have a surprise boyfriend experience as I tend to find this to be most exciting!!!!

Thanks Ian xx

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