Compromise by my straight male companions


Straight male escortsI have hired straight male companions in the past, but recently, I discovered that I knew little about them and what they could do. I thought that, since they are called straight male companions, they only render their services to ladies. Well, I learned something different recently, and I thought it would be nice to share the knowledge.

I started using companionship services like a year ago. I have read a whole lot of articles that talked about people using the service to deal with one problem or the other. Well, in my case I am a happy girl from a loving family. I am the first of two children.  My younger brother is not always around though, but whenever he is, I usually enjoy his company.

Whenever he was not around, I always try to simulate his presence, and that was how I started using straight male companions. I usually hire whenever I would be at home so that we could idle around and chat. Personally, I love someone who is very funny like my brother, someone who would crack me up with every word.

I love male companions because most of them are funny. I read somewhere that someone said they have a talent, I mean the male companions, for reading people to know exactly what they want. I think that is true to a large extent. However, the escort service I usually hired from would always ask me what my expectations were. I think this makes the job of the male companions a lot easier.

My encounter last month was not less dramatic. I was so excited because my brother came, and that evening I didn’t let him rest. I made sure he took me to a cinema to see “Black Panther”. We stayed out till late in the night when I noticed that his eyes were closing. While we took a cab home, he was dozing on my shoulder. I pitied him though, but, since he wasn’t always around, I had to get the best of him each time I had the opportunity.

I was already making a schedule for the amount of fun we would have before he travelled again little did I know that he was leaving the next day. When I saw him all suited up in the morning, my heart skipped.

“Where on earth are you going to?” I asked

He saw the disappointment on my face and could only mumble. Deep down I knew it was not his fault. But trying to spend time with my brother was not asking too much. I think that was the only day I hired straight male companions because I was depressed. The other times were plain to have fun.

My realisation that straight male companions could be more than I thought came recently. I had hired a male companion, and we were scheduled to meet in the evening. Then, this job showed up. It was a tempting offer that I could not resist. That is one of the uncertainties that come with working on a freelance basis.

Coincidentally, my brother arrived on the same day. He didn’t inform me that he would be coming in. He had an event to attend. He wanted it to be a surprise to me when I saw him. I was happy to see him, but I had time to beat so I had to do my job first.

He, my brother, is fond of going to events with me by his side. In fact, he hated making public appearances in a crowd alone. He was a very shy person. Having a companion beside him always made things easier.

When he told me about the event and how he wanted me to accompany him, I was sad because I knew it was always fun around him. But I couldn’t help it. I was also worried about the companion I had already hired. Obviously, I wouldn’t have that time to be with him too.

When the companion arrived, I pleaded with him to follow my brother to the event. He agreed. It was a win-win for everyone. That was when it dawned on me that straight male companions could be more, you only need to ask politely. I hope you learned a thing or two from my story.

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