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I understand that being an international male escort may sound very expensive for a client but my rates have always stayed competitive, I have previously worked in Russia, Italy and France for the Cannes Film Festival as you can see from my photo album, I have a basic understanding of the Italian language just enough to get by, but working on Languages all the time to be more compatible with Spanish as well.

Although my fees stay the same, travel expenses can vary, I search and provide you with a list of the most affordable flights from throughout the UK to reach your destination or you can search your self. If you prefer to visit the UK the same applies.

The international male escort is now really starting to “take off” as I have found that women abroad appreciate the English Charm but everybody to there own.

Usually I am booked for a few nights in Europe but I love to travel the world to experience new cultures, I love experiencing new ways of thinking and living. I have the ability to adapt to all experiences and have traveled personally to many major Cites around the globe as travel opens the mind.

Please check flights as they maybe cheaper than you think, and for regular clients I am willing to discount further.

For a talk about my International male escort experience please view the rest of my site, and feel at ease to contact me through the contact page VIA email, Skype or Phone from the contact page, where I will be happy to offer any advice.

I would be interested in getting to know you, I like to make sure I can give you a great experience with a man you feel comfortable with and can make happy, before you outlay any cash 🙂 Therefore I request a conversation on the phone prior to the international booking.

Kindest Regards your international escort



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