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If your looking for a male companion to share your time with for whatever reason, I feel with my past history I can provide understanding, listener and even advice if required from my life experience.

Alternatively If you want to listen to me explain my life in true honesty with a few entertaining scenario’s thrown in for good measure then I am honest and sympathetic to both.

By booking me as a male companion you get to see me casually or at any event or setting you feel at ease in.

Most of my clients are only after a male compaion that can speak to them on their level and understand them properly. I feel that I have a sense of understanding of women where a level of trust can be shared, women feel un-guarded around me maybe due to my easygoing nature and open mindedness on all matters and cultures.

Don’t get me wrong I have my own opinions but will take other opinions as a learning experience and a form of discussion.

Being a UK male companion as well as an escort, I understand that most women are not just after one thing but want an outside view of their issues and likewise so do I.

Ladies that I have previously met just like the male companionship for visiting places they have never been before, or watching films they have always wanted to see but have had no ability to do these things with family or either on there own.

I am regularly booked as a male companion for a business events/conferences, I am well spoken and an experienced business man, I use to specialise in online marketing and setup three of my own companies which I sold at a profit, I have also had experience in property development which is something I am very passionate about. I feel comfortable in all business scenarios so if your from the UK or abroad and looking for someone who can help assist even if its just attend an event with you I feel sure I have the excellent communication skills you need to impress upon any persons 🙂

I enjoy more than anything discussing life, visions and thoughts over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

Please don’t misunderstand me I do not have all the answers as a male companion and I am not a “Jeremy Kyle” want to be,, how vile, I just enjoy shooting the breeze and love companionship myself hence if you just want to enjoy good conversation with a male companion I will heavily discount my rates.

Please give me a call so we can discuss male companion rates, and also get to know each other. Please feel at ease with me as I am totally discreet anything shared with me is in complete confidence! I am easy to speak to so please call me or drop me an email☺

Warmest Regards


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