A Straight Male Escort

A Moon-Lit Night so Special

In moonlit night when the stars go dull with the bright silver shine of the moon, you wish to talk to someone who is having the same sensation from the pretty moonlight that you have. Your near and dear ones may be fast asleep or watching a mega thriller and would not like to spoil the entire thrill for the sake of a simple moon and a dark night outside. The difference of perception may hurt you beyond words. You feel like pulling off the plug of the TV and screaming from the depth of your lungs at this response of someone to such an amazing night. But it all goes to worsen the situation and even if you get the person from his comfy warm seat in front of the TV, to company you out to walk in the lawn or go to an open area faraway place to plunge deep in the moon light, he may not be enjoying it all but accompanying you just because you forced it on him.

You need to have in your company someone whose heart is thumping with yours and whose eyes are seeing what yours are seeing. Without you ask, he knows when to hold the words and when to speak a word so deeply sweet that it drips down your ears like a drop of honey and glazes your heart. He is your straight male escort; a perfect male companion of a few hours perfectly lit full moon night.

Not everyone understands a women and her sensitive heart that can melt at the sight of the beautiful objects, especially the moon. There are only a few men who can feel exactly how you feel and when you need to enjoy the silvery shine of the moon. Your straight male escort is gifted with the wits to catch up with your emotions in no time. You can find him like your soul mate and the moments of the night out there where the moos is in full gaze becomes immortal in his company. You walk and chat with him about each and everything in sight that is touching to your heart and he picks the pace with you silently only to be there as soon as you need him.

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