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Clean Nails and hands – A great Feature of a Good Male Escort

holding hands with your escort

Women have a great liking of clean hands of their male partners and especially the finely trimmed nails which are clean and shiny. It is a sign of male gorgeousness which is never over looked by women. Hands reflect a person’s mend set and way of thinking. The way he interlocks his fingers shows the tough man inside him. Any action done by the hands has meanings linked to a man’s personality. Being a male escort you need to pay extra attention to this! Women never miss to notice these actions. Now, imagine your client is watching, if your hands are not pretty clean and your nails are showing any sign of dirt or unevenness, would your hand still look appealing to a woman?

There are many people who would not pay any attention to their hands and consider that they look handsome and smart in their new fashion suit and hair style. That is true for those onlookers who admire you from a distance only. While you go and get in your car or step out of a restaurant, they look at you and pass some good comments but this is not true in a different situation. When you go and meet your client, she looks at you from near and is able to notice every spec of dirt under and around your nails. You can well imagine it cannot be a pleasant sight.

Be a regular care-taker of your nails. Clip them on time so they do not grow long and look ugly, file them after cutting to keep them smooth and your touch soft. Washing your hands frequently is a great way to keep them smelling good and free of dust. Hands smelling of food and sweet deserts are repelling for women, by washing them after every meal you can keep them clean of the multiple smells. Apply some good hand lotion on your hands to save the sin from getting rough and troubled be the perfect male escort your there to be the best a man can be.

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