Male Escort A Business of Pleasure Not Force

Male Escort – A Business of Pleasure Not Force


Many people think that working as a male escort is just a business in which you need to do what your clients want you to do. He can ask you anything that is weird or uncommon. He has the right to order you anything that falls in the pleasure zone of his own as far as he is paying you but wait, before you take that thinking of people for granted and start working in this profession on the base of this understanding, make it clear to yourself that working as a male escort is not a slavery. It is not at all the type of work in which you pay a person and buy from him his time, his mind and his body. It is a business of pleasure where the joy is mutual. It has to be clear to you before you accept blindly what people spread about this job; you are not entering this profession to be ‘used’ or to be ordered like a robot. If the pleasure is not exchanged equally it loses its taste and aroma and eventually does not remain something that people look for or work for.

There are guys who are working in this industry but do not compromise on what they have set their minds for. Enough for you is to know the hygiene of your client which is the priority of a male escort. He politely excuses form a condition that is lower than his level. Other times a drunken client calls him at in the morning and asks him to come and he has money. This is another time when he does not respond in positive. He has set his standards of working and he abides by them. Do you think that he does not earn? He does and he is one of the top most hired male escorts in the industry. You may be surprised to know that it is his self respect that has given him a certain aura which attracts more women.

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