Male Escort Self Grooming

What a Male Escort Should Know about Self Grooming

Male escort grooming

Working as a male escort is a serious business though many think it as a way of earning that is pretty easy and effortless. The reality is entirely different. Looking at the life of an escort you can see that he has to be very careful at many things and has to do a lot many things for his appearance and looks that are never as simple as the job seems to the people. Grooming and self improving should be just right without giving the impression of over doing it. Sometimes, a little extra work on you makes you look like a feminine which spoils all your appearance. Other times some less grooming leaves flaws on your appearance which makes you lose your aura. Doing the things just to the right level is a daunting job for a male escort.

To save your masculinity to get overshadowed by your grooming and at the same time grooming to an extent that you enhance your looks means keeping balance and remaining in between. When you style your hair, care for your skin, select the colors and shoes keep your choices manly which means blending a little roughness with your spic and span looks. Clip your nails but do not polish them. Massage your face with skin nourishing creams but do not use colors. Apply lip balm to keep your lips soft and adorable but not make a quoting giving a girly lip gloss. Have long hair if your hairs are soft and falling but do not part them from one side to flip them. Flipping hair is disapproving for men.
Though, body care and appearance is highly important in male escorts industry but you will be surprised to know how the women admire behavior and talking style of men. It has great effects on them. So, while you groom your appearance, pay equal attention to grooming your personality traits as well.

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