The Attraction of a male escorts

Mannerism and Courtesy = Means to Win Women’s Hearts

Attraction of a male escort

Attraction of  male escorts

What attracts most of the women to a man? This question lurks the mind of every male let alone a male escort! A very honest and realistic answer to this question may not be expected by you. The picture of a most attractive man in the eyes of a woman – as you think – is the one who has rippling muscles, strong body built and enviable health. Is that all? You have missed the most important point!!! Some very important things in the personality of a man that steal the heart of women and they wish to spend some time with him. It is the mannerism of men that marks higher in the chart of male attractions. You can find a muscular man looking great in his feature and perfect in his shape but when he comes to speak and act, you may not like to be with him anymore!!

From my experience Women love to listen as much as they love to observe good looks. The words spoken in a certain manner and behavior that is all about male courtesy and politeness, and a giggle which is highly regarded by them. Understanding this deep sense of admiration in females, it is of key importance that every male escort should train himself to good mannerism. Learning to deal with women is entirely a different niche in the behavior of a man and if he is able to master this skill he is highly revered and liked.

When you initiate your meeting with your female client, hopefully you will open for yourself a door to her heart by the means of your style of speaking, selection of polite and sweet words, your body language and civilized tone let alone your cheeky tone. You might be finding the physical fitness and good looks to be enough to win the heart of a woman but this is not the case now in this world when most of the women are highly educated and well groomed. They like to be with someone who is their level. You need to meet this standard of theirs to prove yourself as the most liked and sought after male escorts.

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