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All prices are negotiable so please contact me with what you require me for and we can discuss further, the prices below are just a guide line 🙂 P.s I am totally straight and do not work with couples sorry. Please try to book me as far in advance as possible to make sure I am available. 

                                                                                                                    Thank you,                

                                                                                                                                                               Ian xx

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Prices subject to a minimum of 2 hours booking plus travel expenses i.e train tickets/Flights If however you live within a 5 mile radius of south Manchester there are no travel expenses to pay 🙂 I also have a 17th century cottage in the countryside which is discreet where in-call is available with lovely restaurants close by 🙂 (I am sorry in-call male escort service is currently unavailable due to new Kitchen being fitted) will update you soon on this 🙂

1 Hour                                   £100

2 Hours                                 £190

3 Hours                                 £270

4 Hours                                 £360

5 Hours                                  £450

6 Hours                                  £540

Dinner Date                          £250 Upto 3hrs each hour over £60

Overnight  12 hours           £900

For longer stays please contact me.

I can arrange the best value train tickets for you using:


or for flights using:


And even hotels for you using:


Or you can search your own 🙂 My local train Stations are:



Nearest Airport


All travel expenses must be paid before I depart…. Unless you live within a 5 mile radius of South Manchester, which in this case would be FREE OF CHARGE! Like I said the booking price is negotiable, but I must have the security for long distance travel expenses either paid by Bank Transfer, or Tickets delivered to my address as a form of security to myself Just to  make sure I am not turning up to no faces with that expense! Am sorry a few have ruined this for all 🙁

This will save me the chance of being stud up due to shyness, as I once out laid £80 to London and the Lady I was suppose to be meeting never showed, leaving me out of pocket, like I say one person has to ruined it all as I was all trusting before then 🙁

Again please ring or drop me an email as these prices are just a guideline, we can always discuss a better rate depending on what you require and I am very easy going and fun just to talk to 🙂

Warmest regards

Ian xx

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